Wilo, Automotive Software, Dealer Management

An HR Performance Management System is crucial to align an employee’s goals with that of the organization. It is an approach to prevent errors in employee’s attitude, behaviour and performance slipping through the cracks of the over-arching philosophy of the organization. Wilo needed a reliable IT partner to recreate their PMS to modernize their existing system for faster and more efficient tracking of employee’s performance.


ZYNQ Software created a new web-based Performance Management System for Wilo India, allowing the company to measure, monitor and identify key performance indicators of all their employees. The PMS allowed for the removal of close to 800 excel sheets currently being used, made the Appraisal process tamper proof and is expected to reduce the time of the Performance Management process by 45 days. Tracked by a Unique ID, the employee stays in the company system for life. Instantly available historic performance data allows the management to track the performance of an employee across his/her career with Wilo.


  • Visual Studio
  • IIS Server
  • ASP.Net
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript